FirstNet National First Responder Broadband Network

25 July 2017

FirstNet, or the First Responder Network Authority, is a federal agency formed to ensure the deployment and operation of a high-speed nationwide broadband network dedicated to public safety. This network will provide first responders with priority access to a mobile wireless broadband network. The national FirstNet Board has selected AT&T to provide the national network. In the coming months, the State of Vermont will choose whether to “opt-in” to the First Responder Network or build its own network. In 2013 Vermont established the Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission (Vermont PSBC) to review the plan and advise the Governor on the merits of the national network.

AT&T has released a draft plan and members of the public may view information about the draft plan. Members of the public are encouraged to provide the Vermont PSBC with comments on the plan. The comment period ends July 24, 2017.

Public FirstNet National Draft Plan

Vermont Public Safety Broadband Commission

Send Comments to the Vermont PSBC