Proposed Changes to Vermont Yankee’s Site Emergency Plan

Entergy has proposed changes to its Site Emergency Plan at Vermont Yankee in Vernon, Vermont. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission must approve of these changes and is seeking comments on the proposal before making a ruling.


For information regarding the proposed changes to Vermont Yankee’s Site Emergency Plan, please click on the link to the Federal Register Notice of Consideration:  


Instructions for submitting comments are at the top of the link page. Alternatively, comments may be mailed to:  Cindy Bladey, Office of Administration, Mail Stop: 3WFN-06-A44M, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001.


Comments must be filed by August 21, 2014.  A request for a hearing must be filed by September 22, 2014. 


Although the State of Vermont does not have jurisdiction over Vermont Yankee's Site Emergency Plan, the Department of Public Service and other state agencies intend to file comments with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission regarding this matter.


The full text of Vermont Yankee's license amendment request is available at: