Natural Gas Consumer Information

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Financial Assistance


Vermont has one natural gas distribution company, Vermont Gas Systems (VGS). VGS serves approximately 40,000 customers in northwestern Vermont and continues to increase its customer base.
VGS is subject to Vermont Public Service Board (Board or PSB) rules regarding regulation of its service, including:
  • PSB Rule 3.200 - Ratepayer Deposits for Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone, and Cable Television Service.
  • PSB Rule 3.300 - Disconnection of Residential Gas, Electric, and Water Service.
  • PSB Rule 3.400 - Disconnection of Cable Television Service and Non-residential Electric, Gas, and Water Service.

Financial Assistance (Residential Bills)

Please see the Payment Assistance & Programs for Low-Income Consumers page for more information about the resources that are available for financial assistance for residential consumers. (If you have received a disconnection notice you should contact your utility to try and negotiate a payment arrangement. If you need assistance after contacting the utility, the Consumer Affairs & Public Information (CAPI) Division may be able to help.

Consumers who need assistance with resolving a complaint regarding their VGS service that they have not been able to resolve directly with the company can contact the Consumer Affairs & Public Information (CAPI) Division of the Vermont Public Service Department.

For more information about natural gas (and propane) regulation, please see the Natural Gas and Propane page.