Public Involvement

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Questions/Comments (Utilities/PSD)Questions/Comments (PSB)Questions/Comments (Outside PSD/PSB)


Questions/Comments (Regulated Utilities or Department of Public Service)

Contact the Public Service Department if you have questions or comments about a regulated utility; or want to express your opinion about the Department.


Questions/Comments (Public Service Board)

To review or to participate in a Public Service Board (PSB) utility docket; and for information about either public hearings (open to the public) or evidentiary/"technical" hearings, please refer to the PSB's Scheduled Hearing List. You can also send written comments to Public Service Department, or the PSB. If you want to be formally involved in a PSB proceeding, contact the PSB. 


Questions/Comments (Outside the Department of Public Service/Public Service Board)

If you need assistance with or want to discuss issues that are not regulated by either the Public Service Board or the Public Service Department, here are some useful links to both state and federal entities: