Energy Storage Study

The Department is preparing a report, pursuant to Act 53,  on the issue of deploying energy storage on the Vermont electric transmission and distribution system. The report will be submitted to the House Committee on Energy and Technology and the Senate Committees on Finance and on Natural Resources and Energy by November 15, 2017 .

We are currently in the process of gathering input from stakeholders on the structure and content of the report, and have drafted a preliminary proposed report outline. The Department welcomes written comments on any and all aspects of this proposed outline, and/or general comments with regard to the storage study. The Department also invites comments on any or all of the particular questions below:

  1. What is missing or should otherwise be modified in the proposed report outline?
  2. What are the most compelling reasons for deploying energy storage in Vermont?
  3. What are the biggest barriers to deploying energy storage in Vermont?
  4. How should the costs and benefits of storage be evaluated?
  5. How can Vermont policies, programs, and regulations best be used or modified to better accommodate or encourage storage?

Please provide any information you believe is relevant to inform each proposed section of the report, being specific to the Vermont context wherever possible.

Please send written comments by August 18, 2017 to: