Retail Prices of Heating Fuels

In collaboration with the Federal Energy Information Agency (EIA), the Department of Public Service (DPS) conducts a regular survey of local heating fuel retailers in order to collect a sample of unit prices charged to Vermont customers. The Heating Fuel Price Survey (HFPS) is conducted weekly during the heating season, from October to March, and monthly during the April to September time frame. Respondents are asked to report unit prices offered for payment plan purchases  (i.e. the credit price), as well as any discounted unit prices offered for payment-in-full  purchases  (i.e. the cash price). The table below presents the simple average of all prices collected during each month of the year--including both full cash prices and discounted credit prices--starting in calendar year 2017 (a compilation of analogous historical data can be downloaded here [link forthcoming]). Note, the EIA also calculates and reports average heating fuel prices in Vermont, using a different averaging methodology that weights reported prices with an estimated volume of the supplier’s unit sales and a smaller sample frame with fewer survey respondents.

Last Review: July 2017

The DPS performs regular backward-looking quality reviews of the raw data collected through the HFPS over the preceding six months. These reviews take place in July and January and may result in slight revisions to the average price calculation results. The review in July may result in revisions to average prices in the preceding January to June time frame, and the review in January may result in revisions to the preceding July through December time frame.

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