UUDP - Enforcement

The Vermont Public Service Department vigorously enforces the damage prevention laws and Public Service Board (PSB) rules.  We investigate all utility damages reported to the department relying on damage reports filed by utilities and/or excavators, interviews with eyewitnesses, and review of any photographs or other documentation submitted.  The Vermont Statutes Title 30, Chapter 86 and Public Service Board Rule 3.8 clearly define the obligations and responsibilities of excavators, utilities, and locators.  Read and be familiar with these laws and rules, your compliance protects the safety and wellbeing of yourself and  all Vermonters.

Vermont Statutes Title 30, Chapter 86, Sections 7000

The Public Service Department utilizes a "rolling" year to determne how many violations an entity has had and fines are calculated accordingly.

The fine schedule, as defined in the Statute, is as follows:

  • up to $500.00 for the first offence.

  • up to $1000.00 for the second offence within one year.

  • up to $1500.00 for the thrid offence within one year.

  • up to $5000.00 for the fourth or subsequent offence within one year.

PSB 3.800

The PSB Rule 3.800 spells out details on the implementation of the Vermont Statutes above.