The Public Service Department (PSD) is an agency within the executive branch of Vermont state government, and is charged with representing the public interest in energy, telecommunications, water and wastewater utility matters.

The mission of the PSD is to serve all citizens of Vermont through public advocacy, planning, programs, and other actions that Chris Recchia Photomeet the public's need for least cost, environmentally sound, efficient, reliable, secure, sustainable, and safe energy, telecommunications, and regulated utility systems in the state for the short and long term.

We work to advance Vermonter’s quality of life, economy and security through implementation of our statewide energy and telecommunications goals,  using sound statewide energy and telecommunications planning, strong public advocacy of the public good, and through strong consumer protection advocacy for individuals. 

For more information about the PSD, please visit our About Us page.

Christopher Recchia, Commissioner

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Guide to the 248a Process

This guide is intended to walk readers through the Public Service Board’s process for the siting and construction of telecommunications facilities. Communications facilities can, and often do, raise many legitimate concerns for the communities they serve. From public safety to environmental and aesthetic impacts, these facilities often present complex challenges. In addition, PSB practice can be confusing and difficult to those who are unfamiliar with it. This guide explains the process and the role individuals and towns can play in the process. It is our hope that with the help of this guide, cities, towns and individuals will be able to positively shape our telecommunications future through effective participation in the § 248a process.  The Public Service Board has adopted a set of procedures for processing 248a petitions in the Second Amended Procedures Order issued September 5, 2014 which is also informative.

Guide to the 248a process

PSB 248a 248a Procedures