State Renewable Energy Goals

Sustainably Priced Energy for Economic Development (SPEED) Goal

Starting in 2017, 20% of statewide retail electric sales must be met by renewable energy resources. This Sustainably Priced Energy for Economic Development (SPEED) goal, established in 2005, was subsequently amended with the Total Renewables Goal and the Standard Offer Program (see S. 209 of the 2007-2008 legislative session). In January 2012, the Vermont Public Service Board issued a report stating that the state is making "adequate progress" toward meeting this goal.

Total Renewable Energy Goal

Starting in 2017, 55% of each retail electric utility's annual sales must be met by renewables, increasing by 4% every third year until 2032, when 75% of sales must be met by renewables (see Act 170 of the 2011-2012 legislative session).

Comprehensive Energy Plan Goal

The Public Service Department produced a new Comprehensive Energy Plan in 2011, which calls for 90% of the state's energy needs (electric, heating, and transportation) to be met with renewable energy resources by 2050.

Department of Public Service

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