The Department of Public Service (Department) promotes the interest of the general public in the provision of the state's telephone services, and ensures that the state's telecommunications infrastructure can support a diversified set of services that address the current and potential needs of the state's residents and business entities.

Telecommunications Plan

To better understand Vermont's telecommunications needs and develop plans for meeting those needs, the Department of Public Service, in coordination with the Department of Innovation and Information, the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, and the Agency of Transportation, produces a ten-year plan that serves as the basis for state telecommunications policy. The plan is updated every three years in accordance with 30 V.S.A. § 202d.  Information on the 2017 Telecommunications Plan can be found here.

The 2014 Telecommunications Plan can be found here: Telecommunications Plan

Vermont Universal Service Fund

Consumers of retail telecommunications services in Vermont are billed a fee by their service provider to support the Vermont Universal Service Fund (VUSF). Service providers deposit the collected fees into the VUSF, which supports programs for Vermonters through the Telecommunications Relay Service and the Equipment Distribution Program, the Enhanced 911 network, the Lifeline Program, and the Connectivity Fund. More information on the VUSF can be found here: Vermont Universal Service Fund.

Guide to the § 248a Process for the Siting and Construction of Telecommunications Facilities

This guide is intended to walk readers through the Public Utility Commission (Commission) process for the siting and construction of telecommunications facilities and explains the role individuals and towns can play in the process. Also informative are the procedures the Commissiom has adopted for processing § 248a petitions.