Building Energy Labeling

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Energy Labeling Working Groups

 A section of Act 89, passed in 2013, required the PSD to convene a working group to “develop a consistent format and presentation for an energy rating that an owner of a building may use to disclose the energy performance of the building or a unit within the building to another person, including a potential purchaser or occupant.” The working group was also charged with developing or selecting “one or more tools that can be used to generate the energy rating.” A report making recommendations on residential disclosure was due to the Vermont General Assembly by December 15, 2013, and commercial disclosure is due by December 15, 2014.


Commercial Energy Labeling Working Group

The Commercial Energy Labeling Working Group, which includes multifamily housing, has met to analyze rating tool options and select a tool that can be used to generate an energy rating for commercial buildings. The report to the VT General Assembly on the Working Group's findings and recommendations is available below.


Public Comments

The Commercial Energy Labeling Working Group sought feedback on the development of a commercial building energy label and rating tool. Below is a summary of the comments received from the stakeholder survey.


Residential Energy Labeling Working Group 

Public Comments

The Residential Energy Labeling Working Group sought public comments and feedback on a proposed home energy score and label for Vermont, to inform the report to the VT General Assembly. The documents below include the solicitation for comments, a summary of the comments,  the comments received from organizations, and two consumer testing survey reports.

Final Report

Pursuant to Act 89, the Residential Energy Labeling Working Group was responsible for submitting this Final Report to the general assembly on or before December 15, 2013 on it's work to develop a voluntary residential building energy rating and label. 


Building Energy Disclosure Working Group


Final Report

Pursuant to H.56 §20d(e), the Working Group on Building Energy Disclosure (Working Group) was responsible for submitting this Final Report to the general assembly on or before December 15, 2011 with its recommendation on whether the state of Vermont should adopt requirements on disclosure of building energy performance and recommended legislation on such disclosure if the general assembly were to choose to adopt such requirements. 


Presentations & Other Documents