Building Energy Standards Update

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VT Building Energy Standards Update;

Residential (RBES) & Commercial (CBES)


Vermont law requires that the residential energy code (RBES) and the commercial energy code (CBES) be updated on appropriate schedules, the next update is currently underway and is expected to continue through 2014. This page shall be updated with all relevant information on the code update process including stakeholder meetings and drafts of the proposed updates.



On June 17, 2013, the Vermont legislature adopted Act 89, which clarifies the applicability of Vermont’s residential and commercial building energy codes to mixed-use buildings and includes various amendments to promote compliance with those codes, such as using existing State and local permit processes to encourage compliance.


Vermont’s First Stretch Code

Act 89 also amends the RBES statute to authorize the Vermont Public Service Department to adopt a “stretch” code for residential buildings to achieve greater energy savings than the baseline RBES. Once a stretch code is adopted, residential buildings will gain a presumption of compliance with the energy conservation criterion of Act 250 by complying with the stretch code. Additionally, the Vermont Public Service Department (PSD) is developing a “stretch” code for commercial buildings to achieve greater energy savings than the baseline CBES. Municipalities will have the option to adopt either or both stretch codes as part of their land use bylaws.


Energy Code Update Timeline

•  Introductory Stakeholder Webinar held February 2014

•  Proposed Energy Code Language available early June 2014
•  Stakeholder meetings held March and June 2014
•  Comment Period for inclusion in draft ends July 9
•  Draft filed with ICAR end of July

•  Revised Draft available August 19, 2014 and filed with Secretary of State
•  Public Hearing - September 19, 2014
•  Public Comment Period ends - September 26, 2014
•  Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules Hearing - October 2014
•  Target Code Adoption Date - December 2014
•  Target Code Effective Date - March 2015

NOTE:  This anticipated timeline may change.  Changes will be posted on this webpage.


Stretch Codes

The Residential stretch code has been incorporated into the base code document. Information and updates on the commercial stretch code development process shall be contained here.


Stakeholder Meetings


Final Public Meeting - Solicit feedback on revised draft of energy codes

September 19 - VT Statehouse - Room 11, Montpelier

Commercial 10:30 am to12 noon; Residential 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm


Open Stakeholder Workshops – Discuss Proposed Changes & Solicit Feedback

Residential 9 am to 12 noon; Commercial 1 pm to 4 pm; Lunch 12 noon to 1 pm

March 12 - Noble Hall, Vermont College, Montpelier CANCELLED DUE TO WINTER STORM

March 14 - Vermont Fire Academy, Pittsford 

June 19 - Burlington Electric Department

June 25  - Windsor Welcome Center


Public Comments/Feedback

Webbased forms have been set up to gather feedback from stakeholders and can be found at the below links;

Commercial Building Energy Standards Feedback

Residential Building Energy Standards Feedback


Final public comments/feedback are due to the Vermont Department of Public Service no later than Friday, September 26, 2014.


If you have any questions please contact Barry Murphy of the Vermont Department of Public Service on 802-828-3183 or at



Updated Codes and Documentation

       Below are revised drafts of the commercial and residential proposed codes, which have been submitted to the Secretary of State as part of the rulemaking process.  Also below is a summary of the comments we've recieved with responses.


Energy Code Updated Redline Draft Updated Clean Draft Stakeholder Q&A Document



Previous mtgs and code documentation


  Topic/Session Presentation Additional Documentation Webinar Recording Q&A Document
  Commercial Informational Webinar Feb 19 2014
  Residential Informational Webinar Feb 21 2014 Cost Effectiveness  
  Pittsford Stakeholder Meeting March 14 2014 - Commercial

  Pittsford Stakeholder Meeting March 14 2014 - Residential  

Commercial Code Update Matrix with attached approved modifications to IECC 2012


Clean Copy

Redline      Clean

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