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The Clean Energy Development Board (CEDB) is charged with approving the Clean Energy Development Fund's (CEDF) annual plan, budget, program design, and strategic plan. The Public Service Department is responsible for the day-to-day decisions of the CEDF. Board members serve four year terms and are appointed by either the Commissioner of the Public Service Department (3 members), the Chair of the House Energy and Natural Resources Committee (2 members), or the Chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee (2 members). 

Four of the current Board members were appointed to the CEDB on June 29, 2011. Information on the appointed Board members can be found in this 6/28/11 press release announcing the appointments.

Board Members (affiliations), Appointing Authority, Year Term Ends

  • Jared Duval (Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development) PSD Commissioner, 2019

  • Linda McGinnis (Energy Action Now), PSD Commissioner, 2017

  • Johanna Miller (Vermont Natural Resources Council), House Energy Committee Chair, 2017

  • Sam Swanson, Vice Chair (Pace Energy and Climate Center)Senate Energy Committee Chair, 2015

  • Gaye Symington, Chair (High Meadows Fund), House Energy Committee Chair, 2015

  • Mark Whitworth (Energize Vermont)Senate Energy Committee Chair, 2017

Schedule & Minutes

The Clean Energy Development Board (CEDB) meets regularly once a quarter on the second Wednesday of every third month. When needed, special meetings are called.  A schedule of the Board’s meetings is listed below. All meetings are open to the public and are held at the Public Service Department in the Peoples Bank building, 112 State Street in Montpelier at 1:00pm unless otherwise noted below. Agendas are posted below at least two days prior to meetings and draft minutes are posted within five days of a meeting. 


2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
January 14 January 15 January 24th
January 25th
January 26th
January 20th
    February 1st    
February 24th
March 14th
March 23rd
March 17th
April 8

April 9 - Electric Vehicle Charging Briefing

April 9

April 8th  
April 27th
April 28th

May 8


May 14th - 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Public Hearing on FY 15 Program Plan.  Location: Brattleboro Union High School. Multi-purpose room.

May 26th
June 10 June 19 June 19th, 10am - Noon
June 13th
June 3rd
June 30th
July 6

July 17 10:00 - Noon

July 25 9:00 am - 10:00 AM

July 10th

July 12th -
Special Meeting on Solar Tax Credit
July 28th
August 4th
August 17th -
Special Meeting on Solar Tax Credit
August 25th
August 7th
August 26th
September 12th
September 13th
September 22nd
September 4th
September 21st

October 1

October 22: 4:00 PM

October 9th
October 9th
October 27th
October 28th
November 14th -
Special Meeting on Strategic Plan
November 17th
November 23rd


December 12th
December 14th
December 15th
December 16th


Contact the CEDF Director Andrew Perchlik for specific agenda information.