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Companies seeking to provide telephone service in Vermont must have a certificate of public good from the Public Service Board (Board) to operate. As such, the Board maintains a listing on its website of companies licensed to do business in the state. These companies include cellular service providers, although federal law does not allow the PSB to deny these companies authority to offer service. Not all of the companies licensed to operate in Vermont are actually seeking or serving customers here. The Board page provides information about the companies known to be actively marketing service. If you represent a company that should be listed and is not, please contact us at


Independent Local Exchange Telephone Companies (ILECs)

There are 10 Independent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs) in Vermont. ILECs are the traditional carriers within their service territories and have a Provider of Last Resort (POLR) obligation to serve any reasonable request for service within their territory. The largest local phone company, FairPoint Communications, which serves about 85 percent of the state, is subject to an "incentive regulation" plan that allows it to introduce and change the prices of new services, but limits its ability to increase prices of pre-existing services. FairPoint is also referred to as a Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC), as it took over territory once owned by AT&T or "Ma Bell". The rates of Vermont's nine rural ILECs, or RLECs, which collectively serve about 15 percent of the state, continue to be set on the basis of these companies' overall cost of providing service.

  • FairPoint Communications (formerly Verizon)

  • FairPoint of Vermont (formerly Northland Telephone)

  • Franklin

  • Otelco (formerly Shoreham)

  • TDS Companies (Ludlow, Northfield, and Perkinsville Telephone)

  • Topsham

  • VTel

  • Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom


Competitive Local Exchange Telephone Companies (CLECs)

Within FairPoint's service territory, consumers have choices of FairPoint or various Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). A full list of CLECs holding certificates to do business in Vermont is available from the Public Service Board (Board). The CLECs and toll providers are subject to review of tariffs but their prices are presumed to be reasonable due to their non-dominant position in the markets. Federal law allows the Board to consider whether the terms of service offered by wireless carriers are clear and reasonable, but does not allow the Board to establish limits on cellular service prices. Finally, at present, the Federal Communications Commission has at least partially preempted state regulation of cable modem service and VOIP and some issues of regulation of these new technologies remain uncertain.  Below are some examples of CLECs in Vermont.

  • AT&T

  • Burlington Telecom

  • Comcast

  • CTC (commercial only)

  • Level 3 Communications (commercial only)

  • MCI

  • One Communications (commercial only)

  • Sovernet Communications

  • Telcove (commercial only)

  • Verizon