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The Vermont Universal Service Fund (VUSF) was established by Vermont law in 1993 through the enactment of 30 V.S.A. § 7501, which states that "the purpose of this act [is] to create a financial structure that will allow every Vermont household to obtain basic telecommunications service at an affordable price, and to finance that structure with a proportional charge on all telecommunications transactions that interact with the public switched network."

Today the fund supports five purposes in the following order of funding:

The statutes governing the VUSF can be accessed on the Legislature's Vermont Statutes web page. They include:


How the VUSF is funded   

The VUSF statute provides for the imposition of universal service surcharge on all retail telecommunications service provided to a Vermont address. All telecommunications providers must bill their customers for the VUSF charge, and deposit the funds collected through the surcharge in the VUSF fund. The statute caps the surcharge at 2 percent. Each year, the Public Service Department recommends and the Public Service Board (Board) determines the actual rate necessary to meet the funding needs of the various VUSF-funded programs. The rate for September 1st, 2013 to August 31st, 2014 was set at 1.80 percent. The Board posts the current VUSF surcharge rate on its website annually.

If the 2 percent maximum was ever insufficient to meet the funding needs of the VUSF programs, programs would be funded in order of the bulleted list above. At no time thus far has 2 percent been insufficent to fund all programs.


VUSF Administrator  

The VUSF is administered through a contract awarded following competitive bid by the Public Service Board. The current contractor for the Vermont  Universal Service Fund is Solix Inc.


The Lifeline Annual Report

The Public Service Department publishes a Lifeline Annual Report, which contains extensive information about the status of all VUSF-funded programs.