11-8-19 and 11-14-19 Meetings of the Commercial and Residential Building Energy Labeling Groups

29 October 2019

Included within Act 89 (relating to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions), passed in 2013, was a requirement for the Department to convene a working group to "develop a consistent format and presentation for an energy rating that an owner of a building may use to disclose the energy performance of the building or a unit within the building to another person, including a potential purchaser or occupant." The working group was also charged with developing or selecting "one or more tools that can be used to generate the energy rating."

In 2019, Act 62 (relating to weatherization et al) reestablished the Residential Building Energy Labeling Working Group and a Commercial and Multi-unit Building Energy Labeling Working Group, both of which have scheduled initial meetings as follows:

More information about the Building Energy Labeling Working Groups can be found on the Department’s Building Energy Labeling webpage.

For more information or questions about the upcoming meetings, please contact Keith Levenson at keith.levenson@vermont.gov or 802-828-4072.