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2018 Standard Offer Request for Proposals Now Available

The Request for Proposals for the Standard-Offer Program is available here and on VEPP Inc.'s website

The standard-offer program promotes the rapid deployment of small renewable generation. 

Under the program, Vermont distribution utilities are required to buy renewable power from an eligible generator at a specified price for a specified period of time. The program is administered by a statewide purchasing agent (“Standard Offer Facilitator”) appointed by the Commission. VEPP Inc. (“VEPP”) serves as the Standard Offer Facilitator under contract to the Commission. The Standard Offer Facilitator maintains a website for the program that includes the annual RFP and other information.

Eligible projects can be no larger than 2.2 MW in size and include the following technologies: solar; wind with a capacity of 100 kW or smaller (“small wind”); wind with a capacity greater than 100 kW up to 2.2 MW (“large wind”); farm methane; landfill methane; food waste anaerobic digestion; biomass; and hydroelectric. The RFP outlines the terms and conditions under which eligible projects are to develop proposals and the evaluation framework that the Standard Offer Facilitator will use to select proponents that will be awarded standard-offer contracts.