Department releases Energy Efficiency Potential Study

10 December 2018

The Department of Public Service commissioned this study to assess the potential for electric energy efficiency to reduce electric consumption and peak demand throughout Vermont. In 2017 initial results were used in Public Utility Commission case EEU 2016-03 to inform energy efficiency budgets for 2018 through 2020, as part of the Demand Resources Plan (DRP) proceeding. A full final report is now available at the Department's website along with prior potential studies. The Energy Efficiency Potential study assesses both electric and natural gas energy efficiency potential throughout Vermont for a period of 20 years (2018-2037). Every three years, the Vermont Public Utility Commission conducts a DRP to identify short- and long-term energy efficiency budgets and savings goals, as well as other compensation matters related to the delivery of energy efficiency services by Vermont’s Energy Efficiency Utilities (EEUs).