PSD Releases Draft Comprehensive Energy Plan for Vermont's Energy Future

22 November 2021

The Department of Public Service has released the Draft 2022 Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP). The draft Plan is the product of a year-long process that draws on input from Vermonters and numerous state agencies, to develop the pathway for Vermont to reach its energy goals. This CEP reflects close coordination between the PSD and the Vermont Climate Council, which is developing the Climate Action Plan required by the Global Warming Solutions Act (Act 153 of 2020). 

Public Comments about the Draft Plan will be accepted through December 20, 2021. 

The draft 2022 Comprehensive Energy Plan may be downloaded from the Department's Release of the Draft 2022 Comprehensive Energy Plan webpage

The Comprehensive Energy Plan  balances the Vermont energy policy goals articulated in 30 V.S.A. § 202a of energy adequacy, reliability, security, and affordability, which are all  essential for a vibrant, resilient, and robust economy, and for the health and well-being of all Vermonters.  This CEP update focuses on strategies and options for reducing demand and converting remaining thermal and transportation loads to highly efficient electric technologies, such as heat pumps and electric vehicles.  It contains strategies that can facilitate the electric system meeting these increased demands in a manner that encourages increased electrification while ensuring that Vermonters can continue to pay their electric bills.

In December, the Department will host five public hearings around the state to provide opportunities for in-person comment. Due to the on-going pandemic, the Department will also host additional online public meetings to provide more options for public input on the draft Plan.

More imformation about the 2022 Draft Comprehensive Plan, as well as where, when, and how to participate in public hearings about the Plan, will be found on the Release of the Draft 2022 Comprehenseive Energy Plan webpage. Information about how to submit public comments can also be found on this webpage.