PSD Releases a New Consumer Information Resource

12 January 2021

Montpelier, VT – Vermonters interested in heating their homes without fossil fuels have a new resource to help them navigate the path towards clean heating. The guide, titled A Vermonter’s Guide to Residential Clean Heating and Cooling, was produced by the nonprofit Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA) for the Vermont Public Service Department and is available to download for free on the Department’s and CESA’s websites.  

“Vermont has seen tremendous growth in interest in switching to clean heating sources and more efficient air conditioning” noted Public Service Department Commissioner June Tierney. “As thousands more Vermonters explore the possibility of switching to advanced wood heating and cold climate heat pumps, the Vermont Public Service Department is committed to providing quality information to help them navigate the process. It is our hope that affiliated agencies and organizations will help spread the word about this helpful new guide.”

For more information, please see the guide, or visit the Department's Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) webpage