Evaluation Reports

2017 Vermont Cold Climate Heat Pump Study

During the fall of 2015 the Department of Public Service undertook to develop a comprehensive understanding of Cold Climate Heat Pump (ccHP) impacts in the state of Vermont. The study ran from the fall of 2015 to late spring of 2017.

A brief summary of how ccHPs operate and the findings of the study can be found on the webpage Cold Climate Heat Pumps in Vermont.

The full report can be accessed at the webpage Evaluation of Cold Climate Heat Pumps in Vermont.

2015 Market Baseline Assessment

In late 2015 the PSD undertook a market baseline assessment of Vermont’s residential and commercial building stock. This assessment characterizes Vermont’s current existing and new construction business (commercial/ industrial) and residential (multifamily/Single Family) markets by documenting current equipment, lighting, HVAC, heating, process and hot water heating systems and building shell characteristics; as well as assess adherence to Vermont’s Commercial and Residential Building Energy Standards (CBES & RBES) in the new construction market.

Commercial Report can be found at this link (link) Appendices are available on request.