Having Trouble Working, Learning, or Accessing Needed Health Services From Home Because Of Poor Internet?

Tell the Department of Public Service about your need for high-speed internet by completing a quick survey.  If your Internet speeds are too low for you to easily load the map and survey, call 1-800-622-4496 for help filling them out.  The Department is developing programs to bring high-speed internet to areas where there is need.   Read more information about the Interactive Broadband Map.  

Additionally please help the Department improve internet availability in your school district or catchment area by providing your physical (E911) address where you do not have adequate high-speed internet service. The Department will use this information to seek funding and coordinate service providers to bring high-speed internet to areas where it currently isn’t available.  If you’ve already filled out the map and survey, thank you; your efforts will help secure additional resources. 

School districts can download a spreadsheet with E911 addresses provided for each specific school district in Vermont, where you can include the addresses of your student families who report no or limited access to high-speed internet service.  

Once at the page, find your supervisory union number on the left side of the page (beneath the map), and then click on the appropriate spreadsheet on the right side of the page to open it up and fill out the information. After entering the information save the spreadsheet and attach a copy to an email and send it to psd.consumer@vermont.gov.

Staff or student families can complete a brief survey online at the Department's Interactive Broadband Map and Survey

Staff or families can call the Consumer Affairs and Public Information Division (CAPI) at 1-800-622-4496 for assistance with filling out the map and survey.  CAPI will also review available options for internet service when families call.​