Middle Mile Fiber Optic Cable

About the network

Vermont's Communications Union Districts (CUDs) administer a middle-mile fiber optic network consisting of 340 route-miles of open-access dark fiber. Each segment contains 144 strands of fiber that allow access to multiple tenants. "Middle mile" means that the fiber does not connect to individual buildings; however, it can be used as part of a larger network to bring fiber to individual users, or "fiber-to-the-the-premises" (FTTP).  The fiber is considered to be "open access," meaning it is available to any paying applicant for any lawful purpose, whether it is for long haul transmission or as a component of a last-mile FTTP project.


This middle-mile fiber optic network was the first public communications infrastructure built in the state, by the Vermont Telecommunications Authority (VTA)—a quasi-state entity created by the legislature in 2007 (30 V.S.A. § 8061) for that purpose. When the VTA ceased operations in 2014, the state transferred the fiber to the Department of Public Service. In 2021, ownership was transferred to the Communications Union Districts (CUDs) as more appropriate entities to use and maintain these networks. Neither the Department nor the Vermont Community Broadband Board (VCBB) are currently involved in providing service or determining leasing arrangements for this fiber. 

Maps and GIS data

The web map below depicts the fiber routes:

The GIS (Geographic Information System) data for the routes can be found on the state's Open Geodata Portal:

Contact Information

Please contact the CUDs below for more information: