Vermont COVID-19 Line Extension Customer Assistance Program


The Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (“LECAP”), which is no longer accepting applications, provided up to $3000 in assistance to qualifying and eligible consumers who sought to extend telecommunications lines to their homes. The program was designed to help the hundreds of Vermonters without 25/3 Mbps broadband service who live just beyond the reach of current cable and other Internet Service Providers’ networks. 

The LECAP program was available to Vermonters who could demonstrate a COVID-19–related need, such as remote learning/telehealth/telework, lack of a minimum of 25/3 broadband internet service, and were “near net” for a cable video provider or other Internet Service Provider.  Consumers had to have requested the line extension from the appropriate service provider and also applied for the line extension financial assistance program from the Department of Public Service.  Approval was based on need, cost-effectiveness, and site-appropriateness of the line extension.  Payments from this program were made by the Department directly to the service provider on behalf of the consumer.

LECAP contributions could not exceed $3000 per resident, per physical address.  If the consumer portion was less than $3000, the LECAP contribution could pay for the entire line extension. The consumer was responsible for costs attributable to the consumer’s line extension in excess of $3000.  Five hundred dollars of the $3000 LECAP credit could be applied to customer service drops beyond 300 feet.  Reccurring monthly charges, equipment, and other charges or fees were not eligible for LECAP. The credit could not have been used to cover the service provider’s share of the cost. Applications received under LECAP were reviewed by the Department on a rolling basis. Please find more information in the LECAP Guidelines document. Limited funds were available. Find more information about cable line extensions, including an online calculator to estimate costs using the cost sharing formular in Public Utility Commission rule 8.313, on the Department's Cable Line Extensions webpage.

Please note that applications were due by September 15, 2020 and are no longer being accepted, and the progam has ended.

Please see the LECAP FAQ for the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Consumers may call the Department at 1-800-622-4496 to ask further questions or contact the Department by emailing; or by using the online contact form.

Grant summary

The Department provided grants for over 200 locations, information about which is provided below: