Vermont COVID-19 Line Extension Customer Assistance Program Enters Reimbursement Phase

The Department has opened up the LECAP to reimburse qualifying and eligible consumers who have already paid for the cost of a COVID-related broadband line extension during the COVID-19 pandemic. Qualified applicants for the reimbursement phase of the LECAP must reside in Vermont and have already purchased a line extension in response to a COVID-related need after March 1, 2020, without State or Federal financial assistance.  Additionally, the line extension must be completed in 2020 to be eligible for reimbursement. 

Line extensions that were not eligible for phase 1 of the LECAP programsuch as those built by non-participating providers or were in progress before the LECAP was createdmay be eligible for reimbursement under the new phase of the program. Also, previously approved line extensions under phase 1 of the LECAP that could not be funded, but were already paid for by the applicant and have been or will be completed in 2020, may qualify. 

Line extensions already funded by phase 1 of the LECAP program are not eligible. 

The maximum LECAP reimbursement is $3,000 per line extension.  Applicants may only apply for the LECAP reimbursement for their primary residence in Vermont and must reside at the primary residence in 2020.  Applicants must provide the E911 locatable service address for the primary residence. Applicants must provide all required documentation.  Please review the LECAP Reimbursement Guidelines before applying

LECAP Reimbusement Guidelines 

Note: Applications that are not complete and/or missing documents will not be accepted.

Recurring monthly charges, equipment, and other charges or fees are not eligible for LECAP reimbursement; nor is the service provider’s share of the cost. Proof of residency may be required. 

Applications received for LECAP reimbursement will be reviewed by the Department on a rolling basis until all the program funding has been awarded, or December 5, 2020, whichever comes first. Limited funds are available. 

Apply Now for Reimbursement

Please see the LECAP Reimbursement FAQ for the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Consumers may call the Department at 1-800-622-4496 to ask further questions or contact the Consumer Affairs & Public Information (CAPI) Division by emailing, or by using the online contact form.

The initial Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (LECAP) provided up to $3,000 in assistance to qualifying and eligible consumers who lacked a 25/3 Mbs broadband connection that required a buildout of facilities to their homes.  The program provided grants directly to the service providers on behalf of consumers, reducing or eliminating out-of-pocket line extension costs. The deadline to provide an application for the initial LECAP was September 15, 2020. The initial phase of the program helped hundreds of Vermonters with grants totaling nearly $500,000.  Applications ranged from individuals to 20+ participates in a neighborhood. 

Additional information about cable line extensions, including an online calculator to estimate costs using the cost-sharing formula in Public Utility Commission rule 8.313, can be found on the Department’s Cable Line Extensions webpage.