Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program

Update November 1, 2021

The last date to apply for the Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program is December 6, 2021. Applications received after this date will not be accepted. Apply now!

The New Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program that provides eligible Vermont households with up to a $40 monthly credit March through December 2021 to assist with Internet service subscriptions, has opened.  Applicants must have an active broadband account and self-attest to one of the following COVID-19 economic hardships:

  • Laid off from employment 
  • Salary or hourly reduction of 20%
  • In need of assistance with childcare duties or home care due to closures of childcare facility or assisted facility or infirmity of household or family member
  • Closure of schools
  • COVID-19 health related impacts to self, a member of the household, or family member requiring quarantine, hospital assistance, or hospice care by the utility service account holder

If you applied for this benefit last year, you will need to fill out a new application.  

New applicants will need to register first (creating a user name and password) below, then login to apply.  


If you applied last year, you may Login below with your existing user name and password. If you need to reset your password, be sure to check your spam/junk folder as well as your inbox for the reset link.  Resets may take up to a day to be sent.  



If you have applied for and received the Federal Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB), you are still eligible to apply for the TBS.  The EBB benefit will be applied first, with the TBS benefit applied to the balance. 

Providers that are participating in the TBS are: Burlington Telecom, Comcast, Consolidated, ECFiber, Franklin, Shoreham OTT, TDS, Topsham, Trans Video, Tilson, Vtel, and Waitsfield Champlain Valley Telecom.  Awards from TBS will be paid directly to participating providers. 

Consumers may apply for the TBS if their provider is not participating, however the payment will be made directly to the consumer. Consumers who have providers that are not participating in TBS will need to upload a bill to the application FOR EACH MONTH a grant is requested. Applications that do not include bills will be returned as incomplete. You will receive a reminder email at the beginning of each month to upload the current bill. (Please check your spam/junk folders as well as your inbox.) 

Funding for this program will be available until it is depleted.