Energy Code Compliance Plan Project

Vermont Energy Code Compliance Plan: Achieving 90% Compliance by 2017

The Department of Public Service (PSD) developed a statewide Energy Code Compliance Plan (and Plan Appendices). The Energy Code Compliance Plan (Plan) outlines a realistic approach for achieving 90 percent compliance with the new Residential and Commercial Energy Codes by February 1, 2017. The plan also addresses how to best implement on-going training related to Energy Code updates, unified Energy Code enforcement measures, and a process to evaluate and report annual rates of Energy Code compliance.

The PSD retained expert contractors to develop the Plan and conduct a stakeholder process. The contractors' work included the following:

  • Research on current Energy Code compliance, training and enforcement programs in the U.S.
  • Development and administration of an on-line survey to solicit stakeholder input on the best and most practical method for achieving 90 percent Energy Code compliance by February 1, 2017.
  • Development of three possible Energy Code Compliance Plan scenarios for stakeholders and the Department to consider.
  • Two sessions of stakeholder groups, including one or more mortgage lenders, bankers associations, realtors associations, home builders associations, building designers, architects, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers, utility representatives and environmental organizations.
  • Development of a Draft and Final Energy Code Compliance Plan that address:
    • Active training and enforcement programs;
    • Systems for measuring the rate of compliance each year;
    • Centralization of code compliance oversight;
    • Short and long term funding mechanisms for implementation; and
    • Achieving 90 percent compliance by February 1, 2017.

Other Energy Code Compliance Documents

For information about the 2011 Building Energy Codes, please see:

For more information about the Energy Code Compliance Plan, please contact Brian Cotterill at the Department of Public Service.