School Energy Management Program (SEMP)

Target Audience

Vermont school administrators.


Maximize the long-term benefits of federal, state, and local investments by providing schools with management tools and the support required to successfully implement effective, long-term energy management systems and practices.

Program Description

This program is located at the Vermont Superintendents Association's office in Montpelier, which also houses the Vermont School Boards Association and the Vermont Principals' Association. Program staff work under the direct supervision of the Director of the Superintendents' Association and in close coordination with the Department of Public Service (PSD). The program works with local school officials to save energy based on the highest need first. Need is determined based on an energy use index, either BTU's per student per year or BTU's per square foot per year. School administrators enter into an agreement outlining the scope of the energy project to be performed. Typically, this could include the following: tracking of energy use from records; identification and implementation of operation and maintenance improvements to increase energy efficiency; identification and implementation of projects to save money through capital intensive retrofits; coordination with the utility demand side management programs available as well as programs of the PSD and the Department of Education; and assistance in preparing applications for funding or financing, as well as assistance in presenting the energy programs to boards or voters. The program has attained a high level of acceptance of energy efficiency services as part of normal school management by locating an energy efficiency expert inside an organization set up to meet the needs of school managers.

Energy Management Services/Contact

Are you considering or planning school improvements? Take full advantage of this opportunity to maximize energy efficiency. Call SEMP for energy efficiency consultation on any of these areas:

  • Renovations and additions
  • New Construction
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Indoor Air Quality

SEMP complements the expertise of architects and engineers, helping them to focus on all cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities available to your school.

Contact SEMP for more information: 802-229-1017.