Business Facilities Baseline Energy Efficiency Evaluation

The Department of Public Service is conducting a study of business facilities in Vermont about energy efficiency. The study is designed to gather baseline data of the efficiency of business facilities throughout the state. 

Beginning March 8, 2021, representatives of the Department will be calling business owners or managers in Vermont to recruit participation in the study, which will involve an on-site visit of the building or facility. One or more experienced contractors from Ridgeline Analytics or CADMUS, working on behalf of the Department, will collect data on lighting fixtures, building envelope, types and number of windows, insulation, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems, and appliances installed in each facility. The data gathered will be used to determine the current overall efficiency of business facilities in Vermont, with the goal of improving the energy efficiency programs and services available to business owners. By reducing energy use, energy costs can also be reduced. 

Because access to the premises is required to collect the data, a recruiter will work with the business owner or manager to find a suitable time to schedule the visit to minimize any disruption to work and staff. The site visit may take between one and eight hours to complete, depending on the size and age of the building, and other factors. Site visits are currently scheduled to begin in early April 2021. 

The contractor(s) shall arrive fully equipped for the study, and will bring ladders and other equipment to reduce the need to disrupt employees or business activities. Reasonable preventative measures shall be taken to minimize any potential COVID-19 risks, including social distancing, the wearing of masks while onsite, and regular COVID-19 testing of the contractors carrying out the onsite study.

COVID-19 Site Visit Protocol

Participation in the study is voluntary. For more information, please contact Barry Murphy at the Department, either at or at 802-828-3183. 

Information about other studies conducted by the Department can be found on the Department's Evaluations and Studies webpage