Plans, Reports and Informational Materials


The Department of Public Service prepares a variety of plans, reports and informational materials for use by consumers, utilities, and others.

Guide to the § 248a Process

This guide is intended to walk readers through the Public Utility Commission's process for the siting and construction of telecommunications facilities and explains the role individuals and towns can play in the process. Also informative are the procedures the Commission has adopted for processing § 248a petitions.

Act 174 Recommendations and Determination Standards

The Department is required by Act 174 to issue recommendations for regional and municipal energy planning and standards, for issuing a determination of energy compliance pursuant to 24 V.S.A. § 4352.

Energy Storage Study

The Department has issued the Energy Storage Report, pursuant to Act 53, on the issue of deploying energy storage on the Vermont electric transmission and distribution system.

Total Energy Study

The Department completed a "Total Energy Study" to identify the most promising policy and technology pathways to employ in order to reach Vermont's energy and greenhouse gas goals. This study was required by Act 170 of 2012. Go to the Total Energy Study page to download the report and supporting documentation and learn more about the process that developed it.

Vermont Fuel Price Report

Until 2016 the Vermont Fuel Price Report was published monthly. The Vermont Fuel Price Report is a summary of the Department's survey of Vermont fuel suppliers. The report highlights changes in recent and historical prices, comparison of the cost of different fuels and a summary of the national supply and price status released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Copies of historical reports are available electronically in PDF format. 

Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) Reports

This page includes reports generated by the Vermont Clean Energy Development Fund.

Utility Facts Report

The 2013 publication now includes a section on total energy use and consumption, a section devoted to electric and thermal efficiency, and a section profiling the regulated utility sector. These additions will join existing sections devoted to electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and water. Each section includes data tables, charts, and references that we hope will provide a common set of energy and telecommunications information.

Historic Reports

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