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Where to Get Financial Assistance

  • Vermont 211 is the statewide referral agency that provides listings of financial and other assistance agencies by county. Consumers can find out what agencies in their area provide financial help with paying utility bills, or other needs, by calling "211" or by visiting the Vermont 211 website.
  • Community Action Agencies (CAAs) are non-governmental agencies that can provide assistance such as financial help with residential utility bills, if the utility has issued a disconnection notice. If you have received a disconnection notice and need help, contact the CAA nearest to where you live. An interactive map will show you which CAA is closest to you. 
  • The Fuel Assistance program can help consumers pay part of their home heating needs whether they own their home or rent an apartment; pay for heat directly or with the rent; rent a room in someone's home; or live in public, subsidized or Section 8 housing where rent includes the cost of heat.
  • Crisis Fuel can help consumers with heating crises during the winter months, such as running out of fuel (or being close to running out). 
  • Emergency/General Assistance helps individuals and families with basic needs during an emergency, such as temporary housing, utilities, food and personal need items.