VT Community Broadband Board (VCBB)

The VCBB was established by Act 71 (2021)—An act relating to accelerated community broadband deployment—to coordinate, facilitate, support, and accelerate the development and implementation of universal community broadband solutions.

The board will develop policies and programs to accelerate community efforts that advance the State’s goal of achieving universal access to reliable, high-quality, affordable, fixed broadband achieving speeds of at least 100 Mbps symmetrical.

Board Members

Patty Richards, Chair - Patty.Richards@partner.vermont.gov
Holly Groschner - Holly.Groschner@partner.vermont.gov
Dan Nelson - Dan.Nelson@partner.vermont.gov
Brian Otley - Brian.Otley@partner.vermont.gov
Laura Sibilia - Laura.Sibilia@partner.vermont.gov


Christine Hallquist, Executive Director - christine.hallquist@vermont.gov - 802-636-7853
Robert Fish, Deputy Director - robert.fish@vermont.gov - 802-522-2617
Stan Macel, General Counsel - stan.macel@vermont.gov - 802-636-7321 (Public Records Custodian - Submit a Request)
Alissa Matthews, Special Projects Manager - alissa.matthews@vermont.gov


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