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Vermont Weighs In - Summary Slides- MPG for PSD

The Vermont Department of Public Service (PSD) has released a new report that presents insights into the public opinion on renewable electricity in Vermont.
The report, titled "Vermont Weighs In," offers key takeaways from a project which surveyed 700 Vermonters and held a series of 11 focus groups across the state to discuss priorities around and preferred sources of electricity, as well as their awareness of current electricity sources and policies. This effort was part of an ongoing process being conducted by the PSD to review the state’s current policies and programs on renewable electricity, acting on recommendations made in the 2022 Comprehensive Energy Plan and 2021 Climate Action Plan. The project sought to implement Phase 2 of the PSD’s Public Engagement Plan for this review, issued in December 2022. MassINC Polling Group (MPG) conducted the research on behalf of PSD.

These slides provide an overview of the project and some of the insights presented.
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