Financial or Payment Assistance for Utility Customers

The Department of Public Service does not provide direct financial assistance to consumers. However, there are programs to help consumers who face financial difficulties in establishing, maintaining, and/or restoring utility service. Here are some places to get help:

  • Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program

Under the Vermont COVID-19 Arrearage Assistance Program, Vermonters suffering economic hardship from COVID-19 can get help now to pay their arrearages for residential and non-residential accounts. The program provides financial support to customers of regulated utilities who may face disconnection of service because of past-due balances.

  • Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program

The Vermont Temporary Broadband Subsidy Program provides eligible Vermont households with a credit to assist with Internet service subscriptions. Residential account holders who have suffered an economic hardship due to COVID-19 and require high-speed Internet services for a qualifying need may receive a temporary credit of up to $20 per month toward an Internet service subscription. 

  • Utility Discounts

Both Green Mountain Power and Vermont Gas offer discounts to qualifying low-income customers. For more information, or to download an application for either program, please see the Vermont Department for Children and Families Energy Assistance webpage.

  • Agencies Providing Financial Assistance

Information about state and other agencies that offer financial assistance to consumers can be found on the Where to Get Financial Assistance webpage.

  • Lifeline Telecommunications Program

Lifeline is a federal program that provides a $9.25 monthly discount on phone or internet service to eligible households. Vermont’s Universal Service Fund (VUSF) provides an additional discount on telephone service only, and the amount varies between companies depending upon the provider and the cost of service, but may not exceed $4.25 per month or the amount of the VUSF credit you receive as of November 1, 2017. For more information about each program, please visit the Lifeline Telecommunications Program webpage.

  • Programs for Consumers with Disabilities

Vermont offers consumers with disabilities several programs to help stay connected to the telephone system. Please see the Assistance for Persons with Disabilities webpage for more information.

  • Heating Fuel (Group Discounts)

There are several fuel-group organizations that help their members save money by jointly purchasing heating fuel at discounted rates negotiated with commercial fuel dealers. These include (but are not necessarily limited to): Energy Co-op of Vermont; Ruth Clark Fuel Group (call 802-433-6317); and VHeat Fuel Buying Program (through the Vermont State Employees Credit Union).


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