PSD Awarded Grant to Further Broadband

07 January 2021

The Department of Public Service has been awarded a three-year, $1 million Rural Forest Economy Partnership Grant by the Northern Borders Regional Commission (NBRC) to further broadband expansion in the state of Vermont. The NBRC Rural Forest Economy Partnership Grant will further the state’s goal of universal broadband coverage for all Vermonters.  The grant will be used to supplement infrastructure funding for Communications Union Districts (CUDs) and to support technical assistance with the CUDs via a Broadband Project Developer. 

The COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrates that broadband Internet access is an essential service required for telehealth, distance learning, remote work, and disaster resiliency. Even in normal times, good connectivity is also essential for reducing out-migration from rural communities and promoting economic development.

For more information, please see the Department's webpage concerning the NBRC Rural Forest Economy Partnership Grant.