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PSD Issues Draft Updated Guidance for IRPs and 202(f) Determination Requests

The Department of Public Service (Department) on December 30, 2022, published a draft of the updated Guidance for Integrated Resource Plans (IRPs) and 202(f) Determination Requests. Regulated electric and natural gas utilities in Vermont must complete an Integrated Resource Plan (“IRP”) every three years.  This guidance document establishes guidelines for the development of IRPs; however, the ultimate content and organization of the distribution utility's plan will be unique to each individual utility.

The first portion of the guidance document serves to provide a general set of guidelines that should be helpful in development of utility IRPs. The second portion briefly discusses the process the Department uses under 30 V.S.A. §202(f) in determining whether a proposal is consistent with the Vermont Electric Plan.

The Department welcomes written comments on any and all aspects of the guidance. Please send written comments by January 31, 2023, to: