Changes to PSD Operations due to COVID-19 State of Vermont Emergency

As part of the Governor’s efforts to take steps to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus, effective noon on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the Vermont Department of Public Service initiated telework procedures for all PSD staff.

The Department of Public Service recognizes the importance of helping to slow the spread of COVID-I9 in Vermont to protect vulnerable Vermonters. The Department also is committed to carrying out its mission to serve all citizens of Vermont regarding regulated utility matters. As a result the Department requests that consumers and visitors do not come to PSD offices until further notice and instead contact PSD staff via telephone, email, or letter. Staff contact information is below. 

Consumers can also email to the general email box at, or file a complaint online at

We appreciate your patience while we all navigate through this difficult time.

General Information

Address: 112 State Street Third Floor • Montpelier, VT • 05620-2601

General Phone Number: 802-828-2811

Fax: 802-828-2342

Media Inquiries

Email:  Please be sure to include detailed questions, the deadline and contact information in the email.

Consumer Information

Consumer Affairs Hotline: 800-622-4496

TTY: 800-734-8390
Note: We are currently not able to receive calls through the TTY. Please call 800-622-4496 or 802-828-2332 through the Relay Service and leave a message; we will return your call. 

Consumer Contact Email Address:

Online Consumer Complaint Form

Staff Directory

Commissioner's Office

  • June Tierney, Commissioner, 802-828-4071
  • Riley Allen, Deputy Commissioner, 802-828-3088
  • Louise Porter, Special Counsel, 802-828-2214
  • Audrey Fargo, Executive Assistant, 802-828-4071

FOIA/Public Records Officer

  • Stacey Drinkwine, Administrative Services Director, 802-828-4075

Regulated Utility Planning Division

  • Ed McNamara, Director, 802-828-4007
  • Anne Margolis, Deputy Director, 802-828-3058
  • Claire McIlvennie, Senior Energy & Policy Program Analyst, 802-461-6333
  • Andrew Perchlik, Director of Clean Energy Development Fund, 802-828-4017
  • Maria Fischer, Utilities Economic Analyst, 802-828-3061

Efficiency and Energy Services Division

  • TJ Poor, Director, 802-828-0544
  • Kelly Launder, Assistant Director, 802-828-4039
  • Brian Cotterill, Energy Efficiency Program Specialist, 802-828-3212
  • Ed Delhagen, Clean Energy Finance & Program Manager, 802-828-4099
  • Keith Levenson, Energy Program Specialist, 802-828-4072
  • Barry Murphy, Energy Efficiency Program Specialist, 802-828-3183
  • Philip Picotte, Utilities Economic Analyst, 802-828-5872

Public Advocacy Division

  • Jim Porter, Director, 802-828-4003
  • Sarah Aceves, Special Counsel, 802-828-3167
  • Erin Bennett, Special Counsel, 802-828-3762
  • Dan Burke, Special Counsel, 802-828-4019 
  • Eric Guzman, Special Counsel, 802-828-3785
  • Megan Ludwig, Special Counsel, 802-828-4014
  • Susan Pittsley, Administrative Secretary, 802-828-4070
  • Patricia Porter, Legal Assistant, 802-828-4020
  • Alex Wing, Special Counsel, 802-828-4011
Finance and Economics Section
  • Sean Foley, Chief, 802-828-4080
  • Gina McHugh, Utilities Financial Analyst, 802-828-4076
  • Scott Wheeler, Utilities Finance & Economics Analyst, 802-828-1780

Engineering Division

  • Bill Jordan, Director, 802-828-4038
  • Matt Hecklinger, Gas Utility Engineer, 802-828-4073
  • Michelle LaPerle, Administrative Services Coordinator, 802-828-3182
  • Anthony Leshinskie, State Nuclear Engineer and Decommissioning Coordinator, 802-828-1784

Telecommunications and Connectivity Division

  • Clay Purvis, Director, 802-371-9655
  • Aaron Brassard, Fiber Optic Project Manager, 802-522-2046
  • Corey Chase, Telecommunications Infrastructure Specialist, 802-498-3029
  • Michael DeHart, Connectivity Coordinator, 802-585-8258
  • Robert Fish, Rural Broadband Tech Assistant Specialist, 802-522-2617

Consumer Affairs & Public Information (CAPI) Division

  • CAPI hotline, 800-622-4496
  • TTY, 800-734-8390
  • Carol Flint, Director, 802-828-4009
  • Elizabeth Aiken, Consumer Affairs Specialist, 802-828-2332
  • Sally Carpenter, Consumer Affairs Specialist, 802-828-2332
  • Melissa Metivier, Consumer Affairs Specialist, 802-828-2332
  • Susan Paruch, Consumer Affairs Specialist, 802-828-2332
  • Christine Peterson, Consumer Affairs Specialist, 802-828-2332


  • Stacey Drinkwine, Administrative Services Director, 802-828-4075
  • Patricia LaRose, Financial Manager, 802-622-4255
  • Anne Tyrrell, Financial Administrator, 802-828-3065
  • Tod Ziegler, Utilities Financial Analyst, 802-828-4012