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Rapid Energy Assistance Program

The Rapid Energy Assistance Program, (REAP) was designed to deploy federal Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program, (VERAP) funding more efficiently to heating fuel providers.   The funds may go toward both back balances and future deliveries of qualified renters. Renters that earn less than 80% of the area median income (AMI) are eligible for REAP assistance.  This program allowed approved applicants to receive fuel deliveries from participating fuel dealers who will receive payment on their behalf from REAP.   The benefit may not exceed 18 months of usage per utility type. This program ended on April 28th, 2023.  


Participating REAP Vendors

Abba Fuels (Craig Bushey Enterprises LLC)
BART Energy, LLC
Bourne's Energy
Cota & Cota
Country Fuels
Gillespie Fuels
H.B. Energy Solutions
James Plumbing Heating Oil Co.
Miles Lumber Co., Inc.
Robert Greene, Inc.
Rutland Fuel Co.
Blue Flame Gas Co., Inc.
Conti Oil, Inc.
Cotas Propane & Tank Service, LLC
Dorr Oil, Junction Fuels dba Stone Road Energy, LLC
Guy E. Nido, Inc.
Highland Fuel Delivery, LLC/Irving Energy
Johnson Energy, LLC
Packard Fuels
Rowley Fuels, Inc.
Suburban Propane