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The VCBB is seeking an experienced legal counsel (Consultant) to help the VCBB and the CUDs understand and comply with federal and state telecommunications laws and regulations, including FCC requirements. Such requirements may include practical instructions regarding registration in the appropriate capacity with the FCC, USAC, and other federal agencies, assistance complying with federal and state telecommunications programs (e.g., Lifeline, E911, carrier of last resort, filing customer privacy network information forms), helping to develop internal policies (e.g. CPNI, digital copyright, open internet transparency policy, security), guidance regarding compliance with federal grant programs (e.g., those in RDOF, ARPA, IIJA and CPF), and compliance with state-specific requirements (e.g., registering as a municipality, making state filings with appropriate regulators, and complying with the Vermont Universal Service Fee). The Consultant will work on an as needed basis with the CUDs and the VCBB.

For more information, including scope of services and schedule, please see the RFP DocumentRespondent selected for this work must be able to begin work within 15 days upon awarding of the contract and to prepare for meeting the timeline established in the RFP for the completion of work. 

Bids will be accepted via email submission to: with a cc: to are due by 4:30 p.m., Friday, March 4, 2022, with the goal of finalizing a contract as soon as practicable during March 2022.

Please send any questions to:

Stan Macel, General Counsel

Vermont Community Broadband Board

112 State Street Montpelier, VT 05620

Phone: 802-636-7321