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2022 FNWP Committee Meeting Archives

Meeting Recordings and Materials from VT NDCAP Federal Nuclear Waste Policy Committee Meetings held in 2022


  • At its March 28, 2022 Meeting, the Committee received a presentation from Deep Isolation, a Berkeley, CA-based start-up company, that proposes using existing “side drilling” oil well technology as a means for spent nuclear fuel disposal. 

  • At the May 23, 2022 Committee Meeting, representatives from Holtec International outlined the company’s plans for long-term monitoring and aging management of spent fuel storage systems, such as those currently used at Vermont Yankee.  A lively Questions and Answers session on spent fuel storage system capabilities occurred.  This presentation and discussion is available from the 2022-05-23 Committee Webcast Recording.

  • At the October 3, 2022 Committee Meeting, Congressional Legislative Assistant Oliver Edelson provided an overview of US Congressional Spent Nuclear Fuel Solutions Caucus activities, as well as an informative Questions and Answers session on spent nuclear fuel policies.  This discussion is available from the 2022-10-03 Committee Webcast Recording.

  • At its December 5, 2022 Committee Meeting, the Committee reviewed its 2022 activities and brainstormed potential meeting topics for 2023. These resulted in several updates to the Panel's Annual Report draft.  Meeting logistics for 2023 were also discussed.

January 31, 2022

    March 28, 2022

    Further information on Deep Isolation is available at:

    May 23, 2022

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        December 5, 2022