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Telecommunications and Connectivity


The Telecommunications and Connectivity Division works to ensure that every Vermonter has access to quality, reliable, and affordable communications services. The division exercises regulatory authority over intrastate landline telephone service, rates, and quality of service; cable television service; and cell tower siting.  As a regulator, the Telecommunications and Connectivity Division provides oversight of companies’ compliance with Vermont laws and Public Utility Commission orders and rules governing their operations.

The mission of the division is to serve Vermonters to meet the public’s needs for least-cost, environmentally sound, efficient, reliable, secure, sustainable telecommunications systems for the short- and long-term.  The division does this by:

  • Promoting the interest of the general public in the provision of the state’s regulated telephone and cable television services, and
  • Advocating for the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure that can support a diversified set of services that address the current and potential needs of the state’s residents and business entities
  • Protecting the public health and safety and ensuring that safety.

Work is underway on the 2024 10-year Telecommunications Plan. Visit the state plan page for more details.