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PSD Files Petition Regarding Moratorium on Energy Utility Disconnections With The Public Utility Commission 8.7.2023

On July 26, 2023, The Department issued a “call-to-action” to all Vermont regulated energy and efficiency utilities to do all they can to aid Vermonters with flood recovery. The utilities have been commendably receptive to this request. In the spirit of the call-to-action, the Department reached out to the Vermont energy distribution utilities on Friday, August 4, 2023, to seek their voluntary participation in two-month moratorium on disconnections beginning today, August 7, 2023. This moratorium on disconnections would apply to Vermonters struggling with flood recovery.

The proposed moratorium would not include premises where disconnection is necessary for safety purposes. As of this writing, the Department can report that the following utilities have agreed to and are supportive of the requested two-month disconnection moratorium: Village of Johnson Water & Light, Green Mountain Power, Barton Village Electric Department, Village of Orleans Electric Department, City of Burlington Electric Department, Vermont Gas Systems, Inc., the Village of Hyde Park Electric Department, Washington Electric Cooperative, Lyndonville Electric Department, the Village of Ludlow Electric Light Department, the Village of Swanton Electric Department, Morrisville Water and Light Department, Vermont Electric Cooperative, Hardwick Electric Department, Northfield Electric Department, and Stowe Electric Department.

For further information please see the full petition filed with the Public Utility Commission 8/7/2023.