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VCBB Chosen as a Finalist for U.S. Broadband Award

VCBB has been named a finalist for the first ever U.S. Broadband Awards in the category of Innovation in State Broadband Deployment. The awards honor and celebrate the best solutions, programs, use cases, technology, and individuals working to connect everyone across the United States through broadband.

VCBB’s entry is based on Vermont’s Communications Union Districts (CUD) model that’s made up of hundreds of volunteers from across the state who formed CUDs and have been working ever since toward one goal, universal broadband service for everyone in Vermont. Each CUD is committed to universal service, affordability, and public accountability, while being locally tailored and reflecting the will of its region and member towns.

For people living in rural Vermont who had insufficient or no service, many now have (or are in the process of getting) world class fiber optic broadband. This is a lifeline for the local community. Towns are being revitalized as broadband makes a whole new kind of economic development possible, people are relocating to rural areas because they can work remotely, and residents can finally participate in this essential service, enabling them to take advantage of career, educational, healthcare, and social opportunities.

The list of U.S. Broadband Award finalists is available here. The winners will be announced on the evening of November 16 at the U.S. Broadband Summit in Washington, D.C.

Read the full press release.