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Vermont Telecommunications Relay Service Undergoing Changes as Mandated by the Federal Communications Commission

The Internet Protocol (IP) Caption Telephone (CapTel) Service (CTS) is undergoing changes as mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). These changes will not impact Vermont users of the traditional (analog) Caption Telephone Service. To combat abuse and misuse, the FCC has added a requirement that IP CTS users be required to provide information for the IP CTS User Registration Database, also known as the IP CTS URD. Users may see an important message on their CapTel display screen that says action is needed. This message is being slowly rolled out – meaning not all IP CTS users will see it right away, but they likely will see it sometime in the coming month or so. This is a legitimate notice from CapTel. More information on this FCC rule can be found at the Federal Register webpage VRS and IP CTS-Commencement of Pending User Registration. Further information can also be found at CapTel Verification Changes document.