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Button Up Vermont

Button Up is Vermont’s annual program to help you prepare for winter.  The State of Vermont, Efficiency Vermont, and other community agencies have teamed up to provide you with information and assistance about how to conserve energy, where to get financial assistance – including for low and moderate-income households, who you can contact to perform an energy audit of your home, as well as other tips to keep you warm and safe this season while saving on energy costs. Find more information below.

  • Efficiency Vermont’s Button Up webpage shows you how to get started with making your home ready for winter. There you can schedule a virtual home energy visit, find events that teach how to button up, find contractors to work on your home, lists of existing rebates, and how to start a DIY project.
  • The State’s Button-Up webpage includes information and resources to prepare your home for winter, including tips on air sealing and insulation; information on upgrading or switching to a more fuel-efficient heating system; and where to find financial and emergency assistance, safety tips and resources, and to stay informed about winter storms and outages.

You can conserve energy, save money, and keep your home warm and safe this winter by using the resources available through Button Up Vermont and Efficiency Vermont.