Rate Case Bulletins

You can become involved with cases at the Public Utility Commission (PUC) that pertain to a request for a rate change either by attending and speaking at a public hearing (see the PUC calendar), by providing written comments by email or mail to the Public Utility Commission, or by submitting public comments that will be associated with the PUC proceeding for the case. For more information, please visit the PUC Public Participation Page.

To find a case and/or submit public comments, please go to the PUC's electronic case management system, ePUC. You can submit public comments without having to log into the case, but to view documents associated with the case you will need to create an account (a one-time, simple process). After you have created an account and log in to ePUC you can find the case and view all documents, including PUC orders, associated with the case.

You may also provide written comments to the Department of Public Service Consumer Affairs and Public Information Division to let us know what you think about rate and other cases. New rate case bulletins will be added below as needed.

VGS 3.8% 2018 Rate Decrease
RCB VGS 18-0409-TF

To find all rate case bulletins including current ones, please visit the archived Rate Case Bulletin page.