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2020 Connectivity Initiative Awards

 The PSD issued three rounds of grant awards for the 2020 Connectivity Initiative grant program, for 10,311 locations for a total of $11,974,417.55. The press releases describing these grant awards are linked below:

The PSD has prepared an interactive map and associated table that depicts the locations in these grant awards; the data is posted on the Vermont geodata portal.

The final grant award dataset of includes 9,689 locations, including 1,467 priority locations, and 271 supported by cable technology, 2,136 supported by fiber technology, and 7,282 supported by wireless technology.

Grant deployment was completed by the end of 2021.  Service has been deployed to 7,993 locations, including 271 cable, 1,970 fiber and 5,752 wireless, deployment was not competed for 1,696 locations.

Within the 9,689 locations there are 9,066 unique locations, of which 7,423 were deployed and 1,643 were not.  Of the 7,423 deployed unique locations, 1107 are priority locations.