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VCBB Awards $20.2 Million Construction Grant to CUD Northwest Fiberworx

Montpelier, Vermont – Vermont Community Broadband Board has awarded a $20.2 million construction grant to Communications Union District (CUD) Northwest Fiberworx. The grant was awarded at VCBB’s May meeting and comes from the Broadband Construction Program, a State of Vermont grant funded with ARPA dollars.

The grant will allow construction to start on the fiber internet network that will serve 22 member towns in northwest Vermont including: Alburgh, Bakersfield, Berkshire, Enosburgh, Fairfield, Franklin, Fairfax, Georgia, Grand Isle, Highgate, Isle la Motte, Milton, Montgomery, North Hero, Richford, Saint Albans Town, Sheldon, South Hero, Swanton, Village of Alburgh, Village of Enosburg Falls and Village of Swanton.

“Congratulations to Northwest Fiberworx and all the Vermonters in these towns who will soon have access to reliable, high-speed broadband. Thousands of their residents do not currently have the connection required to take advantage of everything available online. From education, to work opportunities, to healthcare, social connections, and so much more, these are necessities that no Vermonter should have to live without access to. We’re proud to be part of helping Northwest Fiberworx change the lives of people in their community,” said VCBB Executive Director Christine Hallquist.

“Northwest Fiberworx and their partner Great Works Internet Vermont (GWI VT) have found a way to bring service where others would not. They’re building a sustainable network to serve Vermonters for decades to come,” said VCBB Deputy Director Rob Fish.

This $20.2 million grant will allow Northwest Fiberworx to begin Phase 1 of their construction model and serve the region’s least connected areas, reaching more than 3,800 unserved and underserved addresses.

“Northwest Fiberworx is actively moving forward to begin preparations for construction with our partners GWI to begin deployment. We look forward to working with each of our member communities to break the digital divide and provide an economic impact as well as providing them with high-speed internet,” said Northwest Fiberworx Network Operations Manager, Mary Kay Raymond.

VCBB has awarded more than $206 million in grants for the broadband buildout in Vermont. Once Northwest Fiberworx starts construction, nine of the state’s ten CUDs will be in construction and/or actively connecting customers.

More information is available at Northwest Fiberworx - Home ( and Vermont Communications Union Districts | Department of Public Service.