Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP)

The 19 member Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) was established by Act 178 of the 2014 Vermont legislative session to replace the seven-member Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel (VSNAP) that had been in place since the sale of Vermont Yankee to Entergy in 2002. NDCAP includes six citizen members, two each to be appointed by the Governor, the Senate Pro-Tem and the House Speaker, as well as representation from several additional Vermont Yankee decommissioning stakeholder organizations.

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NRC Approves Proposed Vermont Yankee Sale

On October 11, 2018, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved the proposed transfer of Vermont Yankee (VY) licenses from Entergy to subsidiaries of NorthStar Group Services, Inc., which will facilitate VY’s decommissioning and site restoration on an accelerated schedule.  Before the VY license transfers can occur, NorthStar must demonstrate to the NRC that several conditions specified in the approval have been met.  One of these conditions requires that NorthStar obtain a Certificate of Public Good from the Vermont Public Utilities Commission approving the VY sale.  These conditions are described in the following NRC documents:

History of the Vermont Yankee Sale Agreement

Entergy first announced an agreement to sell VY and transfer its NRC licenses to NorthStar on November 8, 2016. Details of this proposed transaction are available in the following documents:  

A “pre-submittal” public meeting at was held NRC Headquarters (Rockville, MD) on January 24, 2017.

The presentation material from this meeting follows:

At its January 26, 2017 meeting, NDCAP voted to request an NRC public meeting in southern Vermont to discuss the proposed Vermont Yankee sale and license transfer to NorthStar. 

A copy of this letter is available here. The NRC Public Meeting was held in conjunction with NDCAP’s May 25, 2017 public meeting.

Entergy's License Transfer Request was submitted to the NRC  on February 9, 2017.

NorthStar submitted a Revised VY Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR) for the accelerated decommissioning and site restoration on April 6, 2017. Entergy’s December 2014 Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report is heavily referenced by the NorthStar PSDAR.

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Upcoming NDCAP Meetings



Thursday, December 6, 2018, 6:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Vermont Agricultural Business Education Center,
Maria Lawrence Room

11 University Way, Brattleboro, VT

Representatives from Entergy and the State of Vermont will provide updates on decommissioning activities at Vermont Yankee (VY). Additionally, the Panel will discuss the first draft of its 2018 Annual Report to the Vermont Legislature. The complete Agenda for this meeting is available in the "Meeting of December 6, 2018" section below. 

All meetings of the Vermont Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel are open to the public.

Remote Access will be available for the December 6, 2018, meeting.  Please email Tony Leshinskie, Vermont State Nuclear Engineer at or via to request a remote access connection.  Remote access requests should be made no later than 5:00 pm on December 5, 2018.

The video recording, agenda, and meeting materials for the Panel’s most recent (September 27, 2018) meeting are available below.

Public comments and questions regarding Vermont Yankee’s decommissioning may be emailed to the Panel at

All emails sent to NDCAP become public record.

Meeting of December 6, 2018

Meeting of September 27, 2018


Meeting of June 28, 2018

Meeting of May 24, 2018

Meeting of March 22, 2018

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