Help with Utility Bills for Renters

Current VERAP Statistics

The Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program (VERAP) provides eligible Vermont tenants with up to 18 months' of assistance* with their past-due or current utility bills.
*depending on available funding and continued eligibility 


The Rapid Energy Assistance Program, (REAP) is a new program designed to deploy federal Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program, (VERAP) funding more efficiently to heating fuel providers.   The funds may go toward both back balances and future deliveries of qualified renters. Renters that earn less than 80% of the area median income (AMI) are eligible for REAP assistance.  This program allows approved applicants to receive fuel deliveries from participating fuel dealers who will receive payment on their behalf from REAP.   The benefit may not exceed 18 months of usage per utility type. To learn more about this program and see the list of participating fuel venders, click here.  You may also apply by using the button below, and choosing REAP as your program option. 

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Changes Coming to VERAP and REAP Beginning October 1, 2022:

Effective October 1, 2022, the amount of the benefit will be limited to 70% of the invoiced amount requested by the utility vendor. ALSO EFFECTIVE OCTOBER 1, 2022, THE VERMONT STATE HOUSING AUTHORITY (VSHA) WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FOR RENTAL ASSISTANCE.

  • Utility applications will be accepted through December 2022
  • Participants receiving Utility Benefits (VERAP-U and REAP) are impacted as follows:
    • As of October 1, 2022 assistance will be reduced to 70% of the invoiced amount
    • Utility assistance will be provided for invoices dated up to December 31, 2022
    • Applications will be accepted through December 31, 2022

Covered Utility Types

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Water and sewer
  • Trash removal
  • Fuel oil and other energy costs
  • Past-due Internet charges, if wired-line service is provided to the rental unit (note: as of October 1, 2022, these charges are no longer eligible for funding)

Please note: effective October 1, 2022, VERAP no longer provides financial assistance for renters to help pay for rent, rental arrears, or other expenses related to housing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please see the VSHA VERAP webpage.

Trainings for Applicants (portal trainings and step-by-step walkthroughs)

Training information includes

  • Login with an email or cell phone number
  • How to save changes and return as needed before submitting the application
  • How to create a Profile
  • ALL NEW AND RETURNING APPLICANTS will be required to provide a complete Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number for all household members
  • Those without an IRS-issued SSN or TIN can request an alternate ID by contacting the Call Center at: 833-488-3727

Utility Vendor Training


Call Center Information

VERAP has provided a call center to answer your questions. Please Call:

Call Center Hours

Monday- Friday: 8:30am-7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

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